London. British Library, Harley MS 4967

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London. British Library
British Library, Harley MS 4967
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  • Latin
  • Peter of Blois, Speculum Iuris Canonici ; Justinian, Institutiones ; Liber Catonianus
  • This composite manuscript is made of two parts produced at different locations and times. The first part (ff. 5r-76r) contains the Speculum Iuris Canonici (The Mirror of Canon Law) by the late-12th century theologian Peter of Blois and the Institutiones (Institutions) by Emperor Justinian I (b. c. 482, d. 565). The second part (ff. 77r-193v) is a composite miscellany of various school texts, called Liber Catonianus (The Book of Cato) with vernacular glosses that is datable to the middle of the 13th century. Contents: ff. 1r-4r: Short texts and notes, including a poem on f. 2r which is also in Royal MS 11 D III, f. 243r. f. 4v: A table of contents of Justinian's Institutiones. ff. 5r-19r: Peter of Blois (b. c. 1130, d. 1212), Speculum Iuris Canonici , beginning: 'Prometheus in caucasi montis cacumine'. ff. 19r-73v: Justinian, Institutiones (Books 1-4) with Accursius' (b. c. 1185, d. 1263) gloss, beginning: 'imperatoriam maiestatem non solum armis decoratam'. ff. 73v-75r: An unidentified scholastic tract, beginning: 'Si peccaverit in te frater tuus'.ff. 77r-77v: A damaged fragment from an unidentified manuscript. ff. 78r-185v, 192r-193v: Liber Catonianus , with marginal and interlinear glosses, beginning: 'Lux beata'. The manuscript has later additions:ff. 76r-76v contain pen-trials and a doodle of a human face. ff. 186r-191v: John of Garland (d. after 1258), Synonyma (The Synonyms), in an early 15th-century script, beginning: 'Ad mare ne videar latices deferre'. Decoration:See Harley MS 4967, ff. 1-76 and ff. 77-193.
  • Preferred form
    • Worcester (Hereford and Worcester, United Kingdom)
    Original form
    • Worcester, England
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  • Preferred form
    • England (United Kingdom)
    Original form
    • England
    Other form
    • Angleterre
    • Angleterre (Cantorbéry ?).
    • Angleterre.
    • Angleterre (dioc. de Salisbury)
    • Angleterre (West Country, Winchcombe ?)
    • Angleterre (Sud ?)
    • Angleterre (Winchester ?).
    • Angleterre (Sud, Wessex ?)
    • Angleterre (Sud : Canterbury ?)
    • Angleterre (Winchester)
    • Angleterre (Canterbury, Christ Church ?)
    • Angleterre (Canterbury ?)
    • Angleterre (Cornouaille ou Pays de Galles ?)
    • Angleterre (Ramsey ?)
    • Salisbury (Angleterre) ?
    • Angleterre ?
    • Anglaterra
    • Inglaterra
    • Engeland
    • Angleterre (Salisbury ?)
    • Anglaterra (Salisbury?)
    • Inglaterra (Salisbury?)
    • England (Salisbury?)
    • [Oxford?]
    • [England]
    • England, Norwich?
    • England, Canterbury, St. Augustine's Abbey?
    • England, Cornwall?
    • England, St. Albans?
    • England, North?
    • England, York?
    • England, Witham?
    • England, Winchester or St. Albans
    • England, Reading or Leominster
    • England, Cirencester?
    • England, Sherborne?
    • England, Worcester?
    • England, Bury St. Edmunds?
    • England, Tewkesbury?
    • England, East Anglia?
    • England, Peterborough?
    • England, Mercia?
    • England, Canterbury, Christ Church?
    • England, Canterbury, St. Augustine's?
    • England, Winchester?
    • England, Oxford?
    • Flanders (possibly executed in England)
    • England and Netherlands
    • England, Canterbury?
    • England, West Midlands?
    • England, London?
    • England, Crowland?
    • England, Wessex?
    • England, Reading?
    • England, Northeast?
    • England, Southeast?
    • England, Ely?
    • England, Winchester or Hereford?
    • England, Salisbury?
    • England, Oxford or Salisbury
    • German (but made in England)
    • England, South East (?)
    • England. Peterborough (?) or Lincoln (?)
    • Hereford?, England
    • England, Durham ?
    • England, Durham?
    • England, probably Durham
    • England, Oxford (?)
    • England, possibly Oxford
    • England (?Oxford)
    • England, Durham (?)
    • England, London/Westminster
    • Unknown, possibly London and Cambridge
    • Royal Chancery, London; Cambridge
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