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London. British Library
British Library, Add MS 82956
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  • Latin
  • The Noyon Sacramentary
  • This unusually tall and thin manuscript contains a sacramentary: a manuscript that provides the texts needed for a bishop to perform Mass and carry out ordinations, blessings, and consecrations. This sacramentary was produced in the late 10th century by and for Noyon Cathedral. The sacramentary was written by a single scribe but has received multiple additions, including prayers and benedictions for the bishop and an anathema against plunderers of the church whom ‘we will pierce with the sword of the Holy Spirit from the top of the head until the sole of the feet’ (‘gladio sancti spiritus a vertice apitis usque ad plantam pedis transverberamus’); plunderers are also cursed to burn in the eternal fire of hell with the biblical figures Dathan and Abiram; Ananias and Sapphira; and Judas Iscariot. Noyon Cathedral was a house of Augustinian Canons until 986, when it was made a monastery under Bishop Liudulfus (r. 977-988), which explains why the sacramentary contains prayers that have to be recited while facing the abbot (‘ad abbatem faciendum’), referring to St Benedict as patron. The manuscript also contains diastematic neumes on ff. 6v-7r. Contents:f. 1r: Prayers for conferring tonsure and for the ordination of a priest (‘Ad capillos tundensos’; and ‘Ad clericum faciendum’). f. 1v: Anathema : those harming the church and its property ‘we will pierce with the sword of the Holy Spirit from the top of the head until the sole of the feet’ (‘gladio sancti spiritus a vertice apitis usque ad plantam pedis transverberamus’); they are cursed to burn in the eternal fire of hell with the biblical figures Dathan and Abiram; Ananias and Sapphira; and Judas Iscariot. ff. 2r-3v Pseudo-Ambrose of Milan, prayer before the altar, attributed to St Ambrose (b. c. 340, d. 397) [‘Hanc beatus ambrosius orationem composuit’], beginning ‘Ante conspectum divinae maiestatis’; followed by other prayers to God. ff. 3r-3v: Ordo and benedictions for the confirmation of children (‘Ordo ad infantes consignandos’). ff. 4r-5r: Order of Mass. ff. 5r-5v: Epistle and Gospel for this Mass (Titus 1. 1-6 and Matthew 24. 42-47).f. 5v: Prayers for consecrating a paten and a chalice.ff. 6r-11v: Preface and Canon of the Mass. ff. 12r-12v: Prayers for the ordination of an abbot. f. 12v: Benediction for the Vigil of the Nativity. ff. 13r-21v: Masses from the Vigil of the Nativity to the Octave of the Lord (Jan. 1). f. 15r: Inserted leaf with fragmentary Mane primum benedictio (‘Omnipotens deus respice deceto plebem tuam’) f. 15v: Prayer in honour of St Jerome, beginning ‘Dominus qui nobis pro beatum iheronimum’.ff. 16r-17r: Mass for Christmas Day. ff. 17r-18r: Mass for St Stephen.ff. 18r-19r: Mass for St John the Evangelist.ff. 19r-20r: Mass for the Innocents.ff. 20r-20v: Mass for St Silvester.ff. 20v-21r: Octave of the Lord. ff. 21v-22r: Other prayers for Sundays of the Nativity (‘De natale domini’).ff. 22r-36r: Masses for Epiphany, and saints' feasts to March 25.ff. 22r-24r: Vigil of Epiphany (called 'Theophania') ff. 24r-24v: Octave of Epiphany.f. 24v: Mass for St Felix.f. 25r: Mass for St Marcellus.ff. 25r-v: Mass for St Prisca.ff. 25v-26r: Mass for the 2nd Sunday after Epiphany.ff. 26r-26v: Mass for St Fabian.ff. 26v-27r: Mass for St Sebastian.ff. 27r-27v: Mass for St Agnes.f. 27v: Mass for St Vincent.ff. 27v-29r: Masses for the 3rd and 4th Sundays after Epiphany.ff. 29r-29v: Mass for the Conversion of St Paul.ff. 29v-30r: Mass for St Projectus.ff. 30r-30v: Mass for St Agnes.ff. 30v-31r: Mass for the Presentation of Christ ('Yppapanti’).f. 31v: Mass for St Agatha.ff. 32r-32v: Depositio of St Vedast (February 6th).f. 32v: Mass for St Valentine.f. 33r: Mass for Cathedra Sancti Petri apostoli.ff. 33r-33v: Mass for saints Perpetua and Felicity.ff. 33v-34r: Masses for the 5th and 6th Sundays after Epiphany ('Theophania').f. 34v: Mass for St Gregory.f. 35r: Mass for St Matthew.ff. 35r-36r: Mass for the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary. ff. 36r-38v: Masses for Septuagesima , Sexagesima , and Quinquagesima . ff. 38v-40r: Masses for Ash Wednesday, Feria Quinta and Feria Sexta of Lent. f. 40r: Mass for the Saturday following Quinquagesima (‘Sabbato intra quinquagesimam’). ff. 40v-62r: Daily Masses for Lent.ff. 61r-61v: Inserted leaf with benediction for Palm Sunday.ff. 62r-88v: Daily Masses from Holy Thursday to the Sunday following the Octave of Easter.ff. 66r-66v: Prayers for celebrating the Lord’s Supper. ff. 67r-68v; f. 70r: Prayers for the consecration of chrism. f. 69r: Inserted leaf with mass text (‘Deus qui in filii tui humilitare […] / Benedictionem domine nobis conferrat […] / Presta nobis omnipotens deus […]). f. 69v: Prayer for Feria Sexta , beginning ‘Deus qui peccati veteris’ ff. 70r-72v: Prayers for Feria Sexta (Oremus dilectissimi nobis pro ecclesia sancta) with additional rubrics for the performance of the mass on ff. 72r-72v. ff. 72v-74v: Exultet , with added marginal text and neumes on f. 73r (‘Dominus vobiscum / Et cum spiritu tuo / Sursum corda / Habemus ad dominum [...]’). ff. 74v-80v: Holy Saturday prayers and readings for Catechumens.f. 79r: Inserted leaf with a blessing delivered by a bishop with chrism. ff. 80v-82r: Masses for Holy Saturday and Sunday.f. 88v: Mass for Easter (‘In pascha annotina’).ff. 89r-93r: Masses for saints’ feasts from April 14 to May 13.f. 89r: Mass for saints Valerius, Tiburtius, and Maximus.ff. 89r-89v: Mass for St George.ff. 89v-90r: Mass for St Mark the Evangelist.f. 90r: Mass for St Vitalis.ff. 90r-91r: Mass for saints Philip and James.ff. 91r-91v: Mass for the Invention of the Cross (‘Inventio sanctae crucis’).ff. 91v-92r: Mass for saints Alexander and Eventius.ff. 92r-92v: Mass for saints Gordianus and Epimachus.ff. 92v-93r: Mass for St Pancras.f. 93r: Mass for the dedication of the Basilica of St. Mary, and Iniaetania maiore.ff. 93v-95r: Masses for the Vigil of Ascension and Ascension Day.f. 95r: Mass for St Urban.ff. 95r-100v: Masses from the Vigil of Pentecost to the first Sunday after Pentecost.ff. 100v-121r: Masses for saints’ feasts from June 1 to September 16.ff. 100v-101r: Benediction for the feast of St. Medard of Noyon (June 8).f. 101r: Mass for St Nicodemus.ff. 101r-101v: Mass for saints Marcellinus and Peter.ff. 101v-102r: Mass for saints Primus and Felicianus.f. 102r: Mass for saints Basilides and Cyrinus.f. 102r-102v: Mass for saints Marcus and Marcellianus.f. 102v: Mass for saints Gervaise and Protasius. ff. 102v-104r: Masses for the Vigil and Birth of John the Baptist.ff. 104r-104v: Mass for saints John and Paul.ff. 104v-105r: Mass for the Vigil of apostles Peter and Paul.ff. 105r-106r: Mass for saint Leo the Pope.ff. 106r-106v: Mass for St Paul.f. 106v: Mass for saints Processus and Martinus.ff. 106v-107r: Mass for the Octave of the Apostles.f. 107r: Mass for the Seven Brothers.ff. 107r-107v: Mass for St Benedict.ff. 107v-108r: Mass for St James the Apostle.ff. 108r-108v: Mass for saints Simplicus, Faustinus, and Beatrice.ff. 108v-109r: Mass for saints Abdon and Sennen.ff. 109r-109v: Masses for St Peter ad Vinculi and for the Maccabean saints.ff. 109v-110r: Mass for St Stephen.ff. 110r-110v: Mass for St Sixtus.f. 110v: Mass for saints Felicissimus and Agapitus.ff. 110v-111r: Mass for St Cyriacus.ff. 111-112v: Masses for St Laurence.f. 112v: Mass for St Tiburtus.ff. 112v-113r: Mass for St Yppolitus.ff. 113r-113v: Mass for St Eusebius Confessor.ff. 113v-114v: Masses for the Assumption of the Virgin (Vigil and Feast).ff. 114v-115v: Mass for the Octave of St Laurence.f. 115r: Mass for St Agapitus.f. 115v: Mass for St Timothy.ff. 115v-116r: Mass for St Bartholomew.ff. 116r-116v: Mass for St Augustinus.f. 116v: Mass for St Hermetis.ff. 116v-117v: Masses for the Decapitation of St John and for St Sabina.ff. 117v-118r: Mass for saints Felix and Audactus.ff. 118r-118v: Mass for St Mary.ff. 118v-119r: Mass for St Hadrian.f. 119r: Mass for saints Protus and Jacinthus.ff. 119r-120r: Masses for the Exaltation of the Cross and for saints Cornelius and Cyprian.ff. 120r-120v: Mass for St Nicomedis.ff. 120v-121r: Masses for St Euphemia and for saints Lucia and Geminianus.ff. 121r-123r: Ferial Masses.ff. 123r-135r: Masses for saints’ feasts from September 21 – December 21.f. 123r-v: Masses for St. Matthew the Apostle (Vigil and Feast).ff. 123v-124r: Mass for saints Cosmo and Damian.ff. 124r-125r: Mass for the Dedication of the Basilica of St Michael.ff. 125r-126r: Mass for saints Germanius, Remigius, and Vedast.f. 126r: Mass for St Mark the Pope.ff. 126r-126v. Mass for St Calixtus the Pope.f. 126v: Mass for St Luke the Evangelist.ff. 126v-127r: Mass for the Vigil of the Apostles.ff. 127r-127v: Mass for saints Simon and Jude.ff. 127v-129r: Masses for All Saints (Vigil and Feast), and for St Caesarius.ff. 129r-129v: Mass for the Four Crowned Saints.ff. 129v-130r: Mass for St Theodore.ff. 130r-131r: Masses for St Menna and for St Martin.ff. 131r-131v: Mass for St. Cecilia.ff. 131v-132v: Masses for St Clement and for St Felicitatus.f. 132v: Mass for St Chrysogonus.ff. 132v-133r: Masses for St Saturninus and for the Vigil of St Andrew.ff. 133r-134r: Mass for St Andrew.ff. 134r-134v: Benediction for the feast of St Eligius.f. 134v: Mass for St Lucia.ff. 134v-135r: Mass for St Thomas. f. 135r: Benediction for the feast of St Andrew.ff. 135r-142r: Common of Saints.ff. 135r-135v: Masses for the vigil of apostles.ff. 135v-136r: Masses for the birth of apostles.f. 136r: Masses for the vigil of single saints.ff. 136r-137r: Masses for the birth of single martyrs.ff. 137r-137v: Masses for the birth of multiple martyrs.ff. 137v-138v: Masses for the birth of single confessors.f. 138v: Other masses and prayers.ff. 138v-139v: Masses for the birth of multiple confessors.ff. 139v-140r: Masses for the birth of virgins.ff. 140r-140v: Annual masses for the dedication of basilicas.ff. 140v-142r: Masses for the birth of popes.ff. 142r-146r: Masses for Sundays following the first octave of Easter, and for the Sunday following Ascension.ff. 146r-161r: Masses for Sundays following Pentecost.ff. 161r-166r: Masses for Advent (ferial and Sundays).f. 166r: Prayers for Advent.ff. 166v-169r: Masses for the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit, Holy Wisdom, Charity, Humility, the Holy Cross, St. Mary.ff. 169r-169v: Prayer for the suffrages of the angels (‘De suffragia angelorum’).ff. 169v-170r: Prayer for St Eligius (‘In ecclesia cuiuslibet martyris vel confessoris’), referring to the saint as ‘qui in presenti requiescit ecclesia’. ff. 170r-170v: Prayer for the suffrages of saints (‘De suffragia sanctorum’).f. 170v: Formularies for other masses.ff. 170v-171v: Mass for the king.ff. 171v-172r: Mass for the ordination of priests.ff. 172r-172v: Mass for priest (‘Missa specialis sacerdotis’).f. 173r: Mass for the temptation of enemies (‘Missa pro temptatione inimicorum’).ff. 173r-173v: Mass for a friend (‘Missa pro amico’).ff. 173v-174r: Alternate Mass for a friend.ff. 174r-174v: Mass for family members (‘Missa pro familiaribus’).ff. 174v and 176r: Mass for the living, (‘Missa pro salute vivorum’).f. 175r: Inserted leaf with a prayer to Christ (‘Pretende domine fidelibus tuis omnibus episcopis, abbatibus, canonicis, monachis, sive regibus et gubernatoribus atque consanguineis nostris’). f. 176r: Mass for the abbot or congregation (‘Missa pro abbate vel congregatione’).ff. 176r-176v: Mass for the sick (‘Missa pro infirmis’).ff. 176v-177r: Mass against the temptations of the flesh (‘Missa contra temptationis carnis’).f. 177r: Mass for petitioning tears (‘Missa pro petitione lacrimarum’).ff. 177v and 180r: Mass for a time of war (‘Missa in tempore belli’).ff. 178r-178v: Added leaf with Benedictio Propria episcope.ff. 178v-179v: Added leaves with Mass for St Dionisius and a general Mass (‘missa generalis’). f. 180r: Mass against pagans (‘Missa contra paganos’).ff. 180r-180v: Mass for peace (‘Missa pro pace’).ff. 180v-181r: Mass for sinners (‘Missa pro peccates’).f. 181r: Mass for those in tribulation (‘Missa pro quacumque tribulatione’).ff. 181r-181v: Mass for rain (‘Missa ad pluviam postulandam’).ff. 181v-182r: Mass for clear skies (‘Missa ad poscendam serenitatem’).f. 182r: Mass against temptations (‘Missa ad repellendam tempestatem’).f. 182v: Prayer against lightning (‘Oratio contra fulgora’).ff. 182v-183r: Mass for a time of high mortality (‘Missa in tempore mortalitat[is].f. 183r: Mass against a plague of animals (‘Missa pro peste animalium’).ff. 183r-183v: Mass for pilgrims (‘Missa pro iter agentibus’).ff. 183v-184r: Mass for sailors (‘Missa pro navigantibus’).ff. 184r-185r: Prayer for giving penitence (‘Oratio ad dandam paentitentiam’).ff. 185r-186v: Prayers for the Reconciliation of Penitents (‘Orationes ad reconciliandum penitentem’).ff. 186v-187r: Prayers for the Visitation of the Sick (‘Orationes ad visitandum infirmum’).ff. 187r-187v: Prayers after the Extreme Unction (‘Orationes post unctionem olei’).ff. 187v-188r: Prayer for the Reconciliation of Penitents before death (‘Reconciliatio penitentis ad mortem’).ff. 188r-189r: Mass for the dying (‘Missa pro infirmo qui proximo mortis est’).ff. 189r-201r: Prayers and Masses for the Dead with interlinear annotations (‘Oratio in agenda mortuorum’).ff. 201r-201v: Two prayers for hair and beards (‘Oratio ad capillaturam; ‘Oratio ad barbas tondio’).f. 201v: A blessing for vested virgins (‘Benedictio vestium virginis’). f. 202r: Mass for vested virgins (‘Missa pro ipsa virginis’).ff. 202v-203v: Prayers for exorcism of salt and water, entitled ‘Exorcismus Salis’ and ‘Exorcismus Aqua’.f. 203v: Two blessings for water, the original text (beginning ‘Benedictio salis et aque’) has been erased and replaced with a text with the rubric ‘Oratio quando aqua spargitur in domo’; beginning ‘Praesta domine per hanc creaturam aspersionis’.[f. 79v and f. 175v are blank].Decoration: 3 large interlace initials with knot-work and zoomorphic (canine) heads at the Canon of the Mass on f. 6v (‘V’) and the Canon of the Mass on f. 7v (‘TE’). Medium initials in red or brown ink. Rubrics in red. Display script in red. Diastematic neumes in brown ink at ff. 6v-7r (Preface to the Canon); and ff. 72v-74v (Exultet, with additional neumed text in the margin).
Public domain in most countries other than the UK
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