London. British Library, Add MS 35110

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The British Library, Polonsky Pre-1200 Project
London. British Library
British Library, Add MS 35110
  • Latin
  • Vita Sancti Augustini; Possidius, Vita Sancti Augustini; Vita Sancti Eadfridi; Bede, Vita Sancti Cuthberti; Adomnán, Vita Sancti Columbe
  • Contents: ff. 3r-9v: Vita Sancti Augustini (Life of St Augustine). ff. 9v-28r: Possidius (fl. 5th century), Vita Sancti Augustini (Life of St Augustine). ff. 28r-29v: A list of St Augustine's works. ff. 30r-30v: Historia translationis corporis Sancti Augustini (History of the translation of St Augustine's body). ff. 30v-31v: Vita Sancti Eadfridi (Life of St Eadfrid). ff. 31v-61r: Bede the Venerable (b. c 673, d. 735), Vita Sancti Cuthberti (Life of St Cuthbert). ff. 61r-88r: Extracts from Bede, Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum (The Ecclesiastical History of the English People), beginning with Book 4, chapter 8:' Erat in eodem monasterio puer trium circiter'. ff. 88r-96v: Extracts from Anonymous, Excerpta de vita et miraculis Sancti Cuthberti (Excerpts from the Life and Miracles of St Cuthbert). . f. 96v: A list of the bishops of Lindisfarne, Chester and Durham. ff. 96v-143r: Adomnán (d. 704), abbot of Iona, Vita Sancti Columbe (Life of St Columba). ff. 143r-143v: Extracts from Bede, Historia ecclesiastica , related to St Columba and St Oswald, beginning with Book 5, chapter 9: 'Erat autem Columba primus doctor fidei Christiane transmontanis Pictis ad aquilonem'. ff. 143v-150r: Extracts from Bede, Historia ecclesiastica , related to St Oswald, from Book 3, beginning: 'Siquidem anno Incarnationis dominicae quingentesimo sexagesimo quinto'. ff. 150r-152v: Extracts from Bede, Historia ecclesiastica related to St Aidan, bishop of Lindisfarne, from Book 3, beginning: 'Est insula que vocatur Hii'. ff. 153r-186r: Vita Sancti Edwardi confessoris (Life of St Edward the Confessor), preceded by a prologue (ff. 153r-v) and by the dedicatory epistle to Lawrence, abbot of Westminster (ff. 153v-154r), beginning of the prologue: 'Multus veterum studio fuisse didicimus'; beginning of the epistle: 'Dilecto ac diligendo et intimis visceribus amplectendo venerabili Domino et patri Laurentii'; beginning of the text: 'Gloriosi ac deo dilecti Regis Edwardi'. ff. 186r-186v: A fragment of Aelred of Rievaulx (b. 1109, d. 1167), abbot of Rievaulx, De genealogia regum Anglorum (On the Genealogy of the English Kings), containing only a part of the prefatory epistle, beginning: 'Illustrissimo duci Normannorum et Aquitanorum et comiti Andegavensium Henrio', ending: ' illam imiteris ut ista consequi merearis. Adieci etiam de genealogia tua libellum unum quo potentissi[...]'. Decoration:Large initials in red or green, some with penwork and penflourished decoration, a few with the decoration in the other colour, one with a face, probably added later (f. 9v).
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