London. British Library, Add MS 16964

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London. British Library
British Library, Add MS 16964
  • Latin
  • John Cassian, De Institutiones Coenobiorum ; Collationes Sanctum Patrum
  • Preferred form
    • Prosper d'Aquitaine (saint, 0390?-0455?)
    Original form
    • Prosper of Aquitaine, c 390-c 463, Saint
    Other form
    • Prosper Aquitanius Tiro (saint ; 0390?-0455?)
    • Prosper
    • S. Prosper Aquitanus
    • Prosper Aquitanus
    • Prosper d'Aquitaine (saint ; 0390?-0455?)
    • Prosperi
    • PROSPER [AQUITANUS] ep. (s.)
    • Prosperus
    • Prosper Aquitanius Tiro
    • Prosper d'Aquitaine saint 0390?-0455?
    • Pròsper, d'Aquitània, sant, ca. 390-ca. 460
    • Prosper, of Aquitaine, Saint, ca. 390-ca. 463
    • Prosper de Aquitania 390-455
    • Próspero de Aquitania, Santo
    • Prosper van Aquitanië (heilige)
    • Author: Prosper, de Aquitania
    • Prosper of Aquitaine
    • Prosper, of Aquitaine, Saint, approximately 390-approximately 463
    • Prosper
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  • Preferred form
    • Gennade (04..-0496?)
    Original form
    • Gennadius of Marseilles, 5th century
    Other form
    • Gennadius
    • Gennadius Massiliensis
    • Gennadius (04..-0496?)
    • Gennade (04..-0496?)
    • Gennadii
    • Gennade
    • Gennadi de Marsella, s.V
    • Gennadio de Marsella
    • Gennadius, of Marseilles, 5th cent.
    • Gennadius Massiliensis gest. 492 bzw. 505 n. Chr.
    • Gennadius van Marseille
    • Author: Gennadius, Massiliensis
    • Gennadius, of Marseilles, active 5th century
    • Gennadius
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  • Preferred form
    • Jean Cassien (saint, 0360?-0432?)
    Original form
    • John Cassian, c 360-c 432, Abbot of Saint-Victor
    Other form
    • CASSIANUS (Joannes)
    • JOANNES Cassianus
    • CASSIANUS (s. Johannes), Massiliensis
    • Cassianus
    • Jean Cassien
    • Jean Cassien (saint ; 0360?-0432?)
    • Iohannes Cassianus
    • CASSIANUS (s. Johannes)
    • S. Johannes Cassianus
    • Joannes Cassianus (saint ; 0360?-0432?)
    • Joannes Cassianus
    • Johannes Cassianus
    • Jean Cassien saint 0360?-0432?
    • Casiano, Juan ca. 360-435
    • Cassià, Joan, 360-430/35
    • Cassian, John, ca. 360-ca. 435
    • Cassianus, Johannes
    • Author: Cassianus, Johannes
    • John Cassian
    • Cassian
    • Cassian, John, approximately 360-approximately 435
    • Cassianus, Johannes, 360/365-432/435
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  • Preferred form
    • Bernon (0978?-1048)
    Original form
    • Bernard of Auch, Unspecified, Abbot of Auch
    Other form
    • BERNO abbas Augiensis
    • Berno Augiensis, 978-1048
    • Author: Berno, Augiensis
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  • This manuscript is made out of two parts (part 1: ff. 1-167; part 2: ff. 168-248) that were produced separately at the Benedictine abbey of Stavelot (Wallonia) in the last quarter of the 12 th century and were joined there as well. The resulting manuscript contains complete copies of De Institutis Coenobiorum (On the Institutes of Cenobitic Monks) and Collationes Sanctorum Patrum (Conferences of the Desert Fathers), works about the monastic life, by John Cassian (b. c. 360, d. 435). The manuscript also contains one of the earliest extant copies of the office for the feast of St Thomas Becket (d. 1170) that were composed at Christ Church in Canterbury, where Becket’s feast was celebrated for the first time in 1173. Stavelot’s access to the office shortly after its composition suggests that there was active textual transmission between the Continent and England at this time. Contents:f. 1v: A commentary on John Cassian by Gennadius of Marseille (d. c. 496), beginning ‘Gennadius in libro de viris illustribus’. f. 1v: A commentary on John Cassian by Prosper of Aquitaine (b. c. 390, d. c. 455), beginning ‘Item in eodem’. ff. 1v-4r: A letter of Bernard, abbot of Auch, to the Palatine Frederick, in response to criticism of Cassian, beginning ‘Epistola bern abbatis Augiensis ad fridericum Palatinum’.ff. 4r-5r: An office for the feast of St Thomas Becket, beginning ‘Passio sancti thome archiepiscopi et martyris’. ff. 5v-62v: John Cassian, De Institutis Coenobiorum (Books I-XII), beginning ‘Incipit prefaetio librorum cassiani’. ff. 62v-167r: John Cassian, Collationes Sanctorum Patrum (Collationes XI-XVII), beginning ‘Incipit Prologus Cassiani In septem collationes sanctorum Patrum Cheremonis . Nesterotis et Joseph’. ff. 114r-167r: John Cassian, Collationes Sanctorum Patrum (Collationes XVIII-XXIV), beginning: ‘Incipit Prefacio Cassiani in septem Collationes Sanctorum Patrum’. ff. 168r-248r: John Cassian, Collationes Sanctorum Patrum (Collationes I-X), beginning ‘Incipit Prefatio Cassiani In Decem Collationes sequentes’. The manuscript contains a number of additions: f. 1r: Excerpts from Theodulus, Cato, Virgil, Ovid, Horace and Lucan, added in the 12 th or 13 th centuries. f. 248v: Excerpts from Matthew 12.34, Ovid, Augustine, and Seneca, added in the 12 th or 13 th centuries. f. 248r: Psalm 113:9: ‘Non nobis domine non nobis sed nomini tuo da gloriam’, added in the 15 th century. f. 54r: a 17 th -century note ‘Plenevaulx’ in the lower margin, possibly a reference to Wenceslaus de Plenevaulx (d. 1621), a Carthusian monk and writer from Delft and Arnhem. [f. 167v is blank].Decoration: 1 large initial in black ink with foliate decoration added in the ?15 th century on f. 25v. Large and small initials in red throughout the manuscript, some with patterns in the initials or minor penwork decoration. A 12 th - or 13 th -century drawing of a lobster in brown ink and a 15 th -century drawing of a plant and a sheep (?) in brown ink on f. 248v.
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