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London. British Library
  • British Library, Add MS 11853
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  • Latin
  • The Pauline Epistles with Gloss
  • Preferred form
    • Gilbert de la Porrée (107.?-1154)
    Original form
    • Gilbert of Poitiers, c 1075-1154, Bishop of Poitiers
    Other form
    • Gilbertus Porretanus
    • Gilbertus Porretanus (107.?-1154)
    • Gilbert de la Porrée (107.?-1154)
    • Gilberti Porretani
    • Gilbertus Porretanus ep. Pictaviensis
    • Gilbert de la Porrée
    • Gilbert de la Porrée 107.?-1154
    • Gilbert, de La Porrée, bisbe, ca. 1075-1154
    • Gilbert, de La Porrée, Bishop, ca. 1075-1154
    • Gilbert de La Porrée, Obispo
    • Author: Gilbertus, Porretanus
    • Gilbert de la Porree
    • Gilbert, de La Porrée, approximately 1075-1154
    • Gilbertus
    • Gilbert de La Porrée (approximately 1075-1154)
    • Gilbert de la Porrée (1076-1154)
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  • This 12th-century manuscript contains the Pauline Epistles with the Gloss by Gilbert of Poitiers (b. c. 1080, d. 1154), biblical commentator and theologian, bishop of Poitiers (f. 193r: ‘Expliciunt Glosæ Magistri Gisleberti pictavensis episcopi super Epistolas pauli’). The text has been written in two columns, which was the standard layout for Gilbert’s Glosses from about 1160 onwards: in this format, the Gloss is written first in a ‘continuous catena’ form in the outer column, and the biblical text is added in the inner column (see De Hamel, Glossed Books (1984), p. 20). The manuscript has been decorated with a range of different types of initials, distinctly marking each of the Pauline Letters. The manuscript’s origin is unknown, but the style of its script and decoration suggests an origin in Northern France (ex. info Michael Gullick). Contents:ff. 3r-50r: The Epistle to the Romans.ff. 50r-90r: The First Epistle to the Corinthians.ff. 90r-109r: The Second Epistle to the Corinthians.ff. 109r-121v: The Epistle to the Galatians.ff. 121v-133r: The Epistle to the Ephesians.ff. 133r-138v: The Epistle of Paul and Timothy to the Philippians.ff. 138v-143r: The Epistle of Paul to the Colossians. ff. 143r-146v: The First Epistle to the Thessalonians.ff. 146v-149r: The Second Epistle to the Thessalonians.ff. 149r-156v: The First Epistle of Paul to Timothy.ff. 156v-160r: The Second Epistle of Paul to Timothy.ff. 160r-163r: The Epistle to Titus.ff. 163r-164r: The Epistle to Philemon.ff. 164r-183r: The Epistle to the Hebrews. The manuscript contains a later addition:f. 2r: An English note about Gilbert of Poitiers by Samuel Butler, dated 8 August 1816. f. 1v: An English note in pencil with a description of the manuscript for Samuel Butler’s sale in 1841.[ff. 1r, 2v, and 183v are empty].Decoration: 1 quarter-page miniature of St Paul in colours against a gold background and frame in red and blue (f. 3r). 1 large zoomorphic initial in gold (f. 164r); 2 large interlace initials in red, green, blue and brown, one with the letter in gold, inhabited by zoomorphic figures (ff. 50v, 110r); 9 large initials in red, green, blue, ochre, or combinations of these colours, with arabesque motifs or foliate penwork decoration (ff. 3r, 122r, 133r, 138v, 143v, 146v, 149r [puzzle initial], 156v, 163r); 3 medium interlace initials in red, green, blue and brown, with foliate decoration or zoomorphic figures against a gold ground, in blue frames (ff. 3r, 50r, 90r); 12 medium initials in red, blue, green or ochre, sometimes with arabesque motifs or penwork decoration (ff. 109r, 121v, 133r, 138v, 143r, 146v, 149r, 156v, 160r (2x), 163r, 164r); 1 medium zoomorphic initial in green in a gold frame (f. 3r); 1 medium interlace initial outlined in green, ochre and red (f. 90v). Small initials highlighted in red (ff. 174v-175r). Rubrics in red. A ‘vacat’ section marked off with a red line (f. 174v). Running headers, paraph markers, underlining, and quire marks (final versos) in brown ink.
  • Preferred form
    • France, Northern
    Original form
    • Northern France
    Other form
    • France (Nord).
    • France (Nord)
    • Nord de la France
    • Nord de la France (Picardie)
    • France (Nord : Fécamp ?)
    • Nord de la France (Laon?)
    • Nord de la France (Saint-Amand-en-Pévèle?)
    • France (Nord, région de Soissons)
    • Nord de la France, Paris (?)
    • Nordfrankreich
    • França (nord)
    • Francia (norte)
    • Frankrijk (noorden)
    • Laon
    • France (nord : Laon ?)
    • França (nord: Laon?)
    • Nordfrankreich (Laon?)
    • Northern France (Laon?)
    • Francia (norte: Laon?)
    • Northern France (Paris?)
    • France, North, Chelles (nunnery) or Jouarre (nunnery) (?)
    • France, North
    • Northern France
    • Northern France
    • Northern France, Paris (?)
    • [Nordfrankreich]
    • Oberitalien und Nordfrankreich
    • Noord-Frankrijk
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