Durham. Cathedral Library, MS. A.IV.8

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Durham University and Cathedral Library
Durham. Cathedral Library
  • MS. A.IV.8
Biblissima authority file
  • Gospels, etc.
  • A composite volume of seven parts: (A) f.1-36; (B) f.37-52; (C) f.53-9; (D) f.60-63; (E) f.64-74; (F) f.75-8; (G) f.79-138. Additional weathering to the outer leaves of (A)-(C) and (E)-(G) (f.1r, 36v; 37r; 53r; 64r; 78v; and 79r) further confirms their independent existence. (A) and (B) had seemingly been brought together by late 14th century (being probably recorded as one item in the 1392 Spendement catalogue and the 1416 catalogue). (G) was itself expanded at an early date, and (F) had been prefixed to it by early 15th century. The collection as a whole took its present form at an uncertain date between 1500 and 1700. 15th century inscription on f.1r: “Quattuor euangelia. xij prophete parui. Parabole salomonis Ysa//” [end lost; the last three surviving words were crossed out at an early date]. The title added 15/16th century suggests that (E) was still independent then. (F) were evidently together by 15th century, as shown by the title added to f.78v.
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