London. British Library, Harley MS 2830

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The British Library, Polonsky Pre-1200 Project
London. British Library
  • British Library, Harley MS 2830
Biblissima authority file
  • Latin
  • The Four Gospels
  • Contents:ff. 1r-3r: The Epistle of St Jerome to Damasus, with an added late 13th-century heading 'Incipit prefatio Iheronimi presbiteri', this same hand repeats the rubrics in margins. ff. 3r-5v: Prologus Quattuor Evangeliorum. Prologue of St Jerome's commentary on St Matthew. ff. 5v-58v: The Gospel of St Matthew, preceded by the preface (ff. 5v-6r).ff. 59r-92v: The Gospel of St Mark, preceded by the preface (ff. 59r-v).ff. 93r-150r: The Gospel of St Luke, preceded by the preface (ff. 93r-94r). A slightly later hand transcribed the red rubric of the beginning of the Gospel between the lines.ff. 150r-192v: The Gospel of St John, preceded by the preface (ff. 150r-151r).Decoration:Four large inhabited initials in colours at the beginning of each Gospel: 'L'(iber) with a dragon swallowing a man for St Matthew (f. 7r), 'I'(nitium) with a nimbed Evangelist holding a scroll at the beginning of St Mark (f. 60r), 'Q'(uoniam) with a nude man for St Luke (f. 94r), 'I'(n) with interlace patterns and a dragon for St John (f. 151v). Initials in red, highlighted with yellow and/or green (ff. 1r, 5v-6r, 7r, 58v-60r, 93r, 94r, 150r-151v). Small red initials with penwork decoration. Red highlights marking Easter passage in St Mark (f. 85v). Headings and old foliation throughout. Added pen drawings of the Lamb of God with a chalice, flanked by St John the Baptist, an angel and an eagle with scrolls, and a standing man with book and knife (f. 194r).
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