Cambridge. Corpus Christi College, Parker Library MS 308

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Cambridge. Corpus Christi College, Parker Library
MS 308
  • 1100 - 1199
  • Latin
    • Osbert of Clare OSB, Vita Sancti Ethelberti || Passio sancti Athelberti regis et martiris, autore Osberto monacho de Stoke- Clare
    • Honorius Augustodunensis, Elucidarius || Elucidarium, sive dialogus summam totius theologiae christianae amplectens, lib. iii
    • Ivo of Chartres, Epistola ad uirginem in Dimensi monasterio Sancti Auiti || Epistola Ivonis Carnotensis ad virgines in Dimensi monasterio Sancti Aviti
    • Ivo of Chartres, Sermo de beata uirgine || Sermo de beata virgine
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  • CCCC MS 308 comprises two volumes, both of which date from the twelfth century. The first volume contains the only extant copy of the Vita Sancti Ethelberti by Osbert of Clare (d. in or after 1158); the second contains a copy of the most popular work by Honorius Augustodunensis (d. c. 1140), the Elucidarius, and a letter and a sermon by Ivo of Chartres (c. 1040-1115/16). The manuscript contains some marginalia, including a charm against toothache.
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