London. British Library, Add MS 22820

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London. British Library
British Library, Add MS 22820
  • Latin
  • Hrabanus Maurus, Commentary on Jeremiah
  • Preferred form
    • Raban Maur (0780-0856?)
    Original form
    • Hrabanus Maurus, c 780-856, Archbishop of Mainz
    Other form
    • Hrabanus Maurus (0780-0856?)
    • Rabanus Maurus
    • Raban Maur (0780-0856?)
    • Hrabanus Maurus
    • Raban Maur
    • Rabani Mauri
    • Rabanus
    • Raban Maur 0780-0856?
    • Hrabanus Maurus 780-856
    • Raban Maur, arquebisbe de Magúncia, 780-865
    • Rabanus Maurus, Archbishop of Mainz, 784?-856
    • Rabanus Maurus, Arzobispo de Maguncia 784?-856
    • Author: Hrabanus, Maurus
    • Rhabanus Maurus
    • Hrabanus (780-856)
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  • A colophon at the end of this manuscript states that this book was written by Herimann, a monk from the Benedictine abbey of Cluny, for its then abbot St Majolus (b. c. 906, d. 994). This leaves no doubt that the manuscript was written during his abbacy from 956 to 992, and makes it one of the earliest manuscripts that survives from the abbey, founded in 910. The manuscript contains the commentary of the Benedictine monk Hrabanus Maurus (b. c. 780, d. 856) on the Book of Jeremiah. Its single historiated initial, containing a miniature of the Prophet Jeremiah, may be the earliest surviving artistic production from Cluny (Evans, Cluniac Art (1950), p. 10). Contents:ff. 1r-327: Hrabanus Maurus, Commentary on Jeremiah, beginning ‘RABANUS Eccellentissimo Imperatori Hluthario Virtus Vita et Salus perpetua [etc.]’. Decoration:1 large historiated initial with knot-work and foliate decoration in black and green (f. 9r): it contains a miniature of the Prophet Jeremiah, enthroned, holding a book and gesturing (two figures stand next to him). Large display capitals in red and brown ink on f. 1r and f. 327v (containing interlace). 2 medium capitals with foliate decoration in red and purple on f. 45v and f. 60v. Large initials in brown ink. Small capitals in purple or green with a red dot inside the letterforms. Text and small capitals highlighted with green ink.
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