London. British Library, Arundel MS 166

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The British Library, Polonsky Pre-1200 Project
London. British Library
British Library, Arundel MS 166
  • Latin
  • Marcellus Empiricus, De medicamentis (extracts); Liber Teropetici; recipes and short medical texts
  • This is a composite medical manuscript made up of two separate sections (ff. 3r-13v and ff. 14r-90) both from the 9th century, bound together at an unknown date. The first section (ff. 3r-13v) contains De Medicamentis (About Remedies) by Marcellus Empiricus (fl. 4th century); the second section (ff. 14r-90) contains An early medical recipes compilation of the 8th century known as Liber Teropetici (The Book of Recipes) and several other texts. ff. 3r-12v: Marcellus Empiricus (fl. 4th century), De Medicamentis (About Remedies) (extracts), ff. 3r-5v: Pseudo-Hippocrates, Epistola ad Maecenatem (The Epistle to Maecenas) , beginning: 'Quem Roganti tibi labellum promise Omni cura adhibita descriptum', ending: 'nos observare debere ne dubites. Finit epistula Hippocratis ad Mercenatem' with some interlinear Latin glosses. ff. 5v-12v: Pseudo-Pliny, De Medicina (About Medicine) , a compilation of medical remedies. A letter used as a preface of the De Medicina, beginning: 'Incipit epistula Plini Secundi ad amicos de medicina. Frequenter mihi in peregrinationibus accidit' (ff. 5v-6r) followed by other letters that are parts of the De Medicina : Cornelius Celsus's two letters (ff. 6r-9v), Vindicianus's letter (ff. 9v-12r) and verses beginning, 'Quod natum Phoebus docuit' (ff. 12r-12v). ff. 12v-13v: An added medical recipe, 10th-century hand, beginning: 'Antidotum filantropum' and followed by a late 15th-century cursive note. ff. 14r-74v: An early medical recipes compilation of the 8th century, the Liber Teropetici with chapters (ff. 14r-15v), beginning, 'Incipit medicinalis de omni corpore hominis teraupetica'. ff. 67r-90v: Several short texts following the Liber Teropetici as an appendix to it. ff. 67r-67v: A letter, beginning, 'Omnique tempore et die et nocte'.ff. 67v-70r: A dietary calendar. ff. 70r-71v: Pseudo-Hippocrates, Capsula Eburnea (Epistle from Hippocrates' Grave) , on the prognostics. ff. 71v-79r: Medical recipes. ff. 79r-79v: De Ponderibus et Mensuris Medicinalibus (About the Weights and Measures of Medical Recipes) . ff. 82v-90v: An anonymous commentary on Hippocrates's Aphorisms (Aphorisms) .Decoration:Simple large and small initials in brown. Some with geometric patterns within the letter or foliate decoration, with red or yellow highlights, some with animal heads or human faces (ff. 45v, 69v, 70, 77, 78v, 81).
  • Preferred form
    • Germany
    Original form
    • Germany, Europe
    Other form
    • Allemagne
    • Allemagne (Trèves ou Mayence)
    • Deutschland
    • Germany
    • Alemanya
    • Alemania
    • Duitsland
    • Southwestern German region (?)
    • Germany (Trier ?)
    • Germany (Gladbach Abbey?)
    • Germany (Tegernsee?)
    • Cologne (?)
    • [Germany]
    • Germany, Nuremberg?
    • Germany, Erfurt?
    • Flanders; Germany
    • Fritzlar? (Germany)
    • Cologne? (Germany)
    • Germany, Augsburg?
    • Germany, Eberbach, Cistercian abbey (?)
    • Germany, Würzburg (St. Kylian (?))
    • Germany, Cistercian abbey of Eberbach (?)
    • German, Eberbach, Cistercian abbey (?)
    • Germany, Würzburg, St. Kylian (?)
    • Germany, Würzburg, St. Kylian
    • Germany, Lower Saxony, Corvey, Benedictine abbey (?) or Hildesheim, Benedictine abbey (?)
    • Germany, Würzburg, St. Kylian or Niederaltaich, Benedictine abbey
    • Germany, Eberbach?
    • Germany, Murbach
    • Germany, Lower Saxony, Corvey?
    • Germany, Fulda?
    • Germany and Switzerland, Constance(?)
    • Germany, Hirsau?
    • Germany, Reichenau?
    • Germany, Rhineland?
    • Germany, Cologne or Lower Saxony
    • [Deutschland]
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  • Preferred form
    • France, Eastern
    Original form
    • Eastern France
    Other form
    • France (Est)
    • Est de la France
    • France (Est, région de Metz)
    • France (Est, Lorraine ?)
    • France (Est )
    • Est de la France (Lorraine selon P. De Winter)
    • Ostfrankreich
    • França (est)
    • Francia (este)
    • Frankrijk (oosten)
    • France (est : Lorraine ?)
    • França (est: Lorena?)
    • Ostfrankreich (Lothringen?)
    • Eastern France (Lorraine?)
    • Francia (este: Lorena?)
    • Lothringen
    • Lorena
    • Lotharingen
    • Lorraine
    • France: evidently Eastern France
    • France, East
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