London. British Library, Add MS 34209

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London. British Library
British Library, Add MS 34209
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  • Latin
  • Antiphonal and Gradual of Ambrosian use
  • This 12th-century Gradual and Antiphonal is thought to contain one of the earliest surviving redactions of music for the winter part of the Ambrosian liturgy. Contents: ff. 1r-135v: A Gradual with Antiphonal according to the Ambrosian use, imperfect: extending from the middle of the 1st Sunday in Advent to Easter Eve. Besides the usual Offices from the Temporale, the Feast of the Translation of St James is introduced after that of the Holy Innocents, and the Feasts of saints Sebastian and Solutor, Agnes, Vincent, Babylas, Julius of Novara, Severus, and the Purification of the Virgin, between the 5th Sunday after Epiphany and Septuagesima Sunday. At the end (ff. 131r-135r) are added some prayers or Litanies for the first two Sundays in Lent, Antiphons for the Monday and Tuesday before Christmas, the hymn Magno salutis gaudio for Palm Sunday, Gloria in excelsis , Venite, exultemus and Desiderabiliora sunt followed by several Alleluias with very long and elaborate prayers, and psalm verses Lux orta est , and Lucerna pedibus . Decoration:21 large initials outlined in brown ink with a foliate and interlace decoration on a red, brown, green and yellow ground (ff. 2r, 9r [features an anthropomorphic figure], 12r, 17v, 23v [features 2 birds’ heads], 32v, 36r, 44v, 47r, 49v, 51r, 63r, 65v, 68v, 73r, 89v, 96r, 111r, 118v, 121v [features a bird], 126v); 6 large initials in the same style with zoomorphic letters (ff. 5v, 9r, 25v, 76r, 102v, 130v). Small plain initials in brown or red ink. Neumes and clefs in brown ink (except for two neumes added in green ink on f. 62v), staff lines in red ink, ‘B-flat’ lines in green ink. Rubrics in red.
  • Preferred form
    • France, Southern
    Original form
    • Southern France
    Other form
    • France méridionale (Toulouse ?)
    • France méridionale (Toulouse ?, d’après les noms des auteurs des additions à la glose et la mention de cette ville au f. 119v)
    • France (Sud)
    • France (Midi)
    • France (sud)
    • Sud de la France (Albi?)
    • Südfrankreich
    • França (sud)
    • Francia (sur)
    • Frankrijk (zuiden)
    • France (sud : Albi ?)
    • França (sud: Albi?)
    • Southern France (Albi?)
    • Francia (sur: Albi?)
    • Südfrankreich: Albi?
    • France (sud : Languedoc ?)
    • França (sud: Llenguadoc?)
    • Südfrankreich: Languedoc?
    • Southern France (Languedoc?)
    • Francia (sur: Languedoc?)
    • Southern France
    • France, South
    • France (South)
    • [Südfrankreich]
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  • Preferred form
    • Italy, Northern
    Original form
    • Northern Italy
    Other form
    • Italie septentrionale (Venise)
    • Italie du Nord (Vérone ou Monza?)
    • Italie du Nord
    • Italie (Nord)
    • Italie (Nord).
    • Nord de l’Italie
    • Oberitalien
    • Itàlia (nord)
    • Italia (norte)
    • Italië (noorden)
    • Verona
    • Vérone
    • Italie (nord : Vérone ?)
    • Northern Italy (Verona?)
    • Oberitalien (Verona?)
    • Itàlia (nord: Verona?)
    • Italia (norte: Verona?)
    • Upper Italy
    • Northern Italy (Padua - Venice?)
    • Northern Italy, Switzerland (?)
    • Northern Italy (Monza?)
    • Northern Italy (Verona?)
    • Northern Italy (Monza o Verona?)
    • Most likely northern Italy
    • Probably northern Italy (Verona?)
    • Northern Italy (Milan)
    • [Northern Italy]
    • Northern Italian
    • [North Italy]
    • Italy, North
    • Italy, north (Bologna or Padua)
    • [Oberitalien, Ferrara?]
    • [Oberitalien]
    • [Oberitalien und Bologna]
    • [Oberitalien und Südwestdeutschland]
    • Oberitalien und Nordfrankreich
    • Oberitalien und Weingarten
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