London. British Library, Harley MS 3013

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London. British Library
  • British Library, Harley MS 3013
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  • Latin
  • Old English
  • Aldhelm of Sherborne, Epistola ad Ehfridum ; Aldhelm of Sherborne, De laudibus virginitatis
  • This manuscript contains two didactic works composed by Aldhelm of Sherborne (d. 709): the Epistola ad Ehfridum (Letter to Heahfrith), a letter promoting the schools of Theodore and Adrian of Canterbury; and the De laudibus virginitatis (In Praise of Virginity) , a work in 60 chapters extolling virginity. These are preceded by flyleaves including musical notations and various verses in late 12th-century hands. After the De laudibus virginitatis is a copy of a letter of Pope Alexander III (b. 1100, d. 1181) to Roger de Pont l'Evêque (b. c 1185, d. 1181), archbishop of York. Contents: ff. 3r-7r: Aldhelm of Sherborne, Epistola ad Ehfridum. ff. 7r-96r: Aldhelm of Sherborne, De laudibus virginitatis with some interlinear glosses in Old English (ff. 13v; 14r; 30r; 33r; 43v; 65v) and some added contemporary marginal glosses in Latin. The manuscript contains several later additions:ff. 1r-1v: A hymn for Mass, beginning: 'Clemens et benigna iugi laude digna Maria', followed on the verso by an ownership inscription (see Provenance), added in the late 12th or early 13th century. ff. 2r-2v: Various verses including a poem: De monacho dormiente ad vigilias (On the Monk Sleeping at Vigils)beginning: 'Angelus: Flecte caput, fili, quia dicunt: Gloria patri / Diabolus: Non flectet, triplicem nisi ruperit antea funem' (f. 2r); an epitaph of Petrus Comestor that was inscribed on his grave in the Abbey of St Victor of Paris: 'Magister Petrus Maniur/Petrus erat quem petraregit dictusque Comestor' (f. 2r), and a hymn De baptismo Christi (On the Baptism of Christ ) (f. 2v), added in the late 12th or early 13th century. f. 96r: A colophon by a hand similar to the glosses: 'Tres digiti scribunt, totum corpusque laborat / Scribere qui nescit, nullum putet esse laborem / Dum digiti scribunt vix cetera membra quiescunt', added in the late 12th or early 13th century. ff. 96v-97r: A letter from Pope Alexander III (Pope from 1159-1181) to Roger de Pont l'Evêque, archbishop of York (imperfect), added in the late 12th or early 13th century. Decoration:Large initials in red and green with foliate penwork decoration (ff. 3r, 11r (x2), 30v, 66r). Initials in red or green, some with simple penwork decoration in the same colour; one in blue (f. 13r). Rubrics in red. Roman numbering in red.
  • Preferred form
    • England (United Kingdom)
    Original form
    • England
    Other form
    • Angleterre
    • Angleterre (Cantorbéry ?).
    • Angleterre.
    • Angleterre (dioc. de Salisbury)
    • Angleterre (West Country, Winchcombe ?)
    • Angleterre (Sud ?)
    • Angleterre (Winchester ?).
    • Angleterre (Sud, Wessex ?)
    • Angleterre (Sud : Canterbury ?)
    • Angleterre (Winchester)
    • Angleterre (Canterbury, Christ Church ?)
    • Angleterre (Canterbury ?)
    • Angleterre (Cornouaille ou Pays de Galles ?)
    • Angleterre (Ramsey ?)
    • Salisbury (Angleterre) ?
    • Angleterre ?
    • Anglaterra
    • Inglaterra
    • Engeland
    • Angleterre (Salisbury ?)
    • Anglaterra (Salisbury?)
    • Inglaterra (Salisbury?)
    • England (Salisbury?)
    • [Oxford?]
    • [England]
    • England, Norwich?
    • England, Canterbury, St. Augustine's Abbey?
    • England, Cornwall?
    • England, St. Albans?
    • England, North?
    • England, York?
    • England, Witham?
    • England, Winchester or St. Albans
    • England, Reading or Leominster
    • England, Cirencester?
    • England, Sherborne?
    • England, Worcester?
    • England, Bury St. Edmunds?
    • England, Tewkesbury?
    • England, East Anglia?
    • England, Peterborough?
    • England, Mercia?
    • England, Canterbury, Christ Church?
    • England, Canterbury, St. Augustine's?
    • England, Winchester?
    • England, Oxford?
    • Flanders (possibly executed in England)
    • England and Netherlands
    • England, Canterbury?
    • England, West Midlands?
    • England, London?
    • England, Crowland?
    • England, Wessex?
    • England, Reading?
    • England, Northeast?
    • England, Southeast?
    • England, Ely?
    • England, Winchester or Hereford?
    • England, Salisbury?
    • England, Oxford or Salisbury
    • German (but made in England)
    • England, South East (?)
    • England. Peterborough (?) or Lincoln (?)
    • Hereford?, England
    • England, Durham ?
    • England, Durham?
    • England, probably Durham
    • England, Oxford (?)
    • England, possibly Oxford
    • England (?Oxford)
    • England, Durham (?)
    • England, London/Westminster
    • Unknown, possibly London and Cambridge
    • Royal Chancery, London; Cambridge
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