Oxford. Keble College, Library, MS 49

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Oxford. Keble College, Library
  • Keble College MS 49
Biblissima authority file
  • 1267–1276
  • Latin
  • German
  • Lectionarium Ordinis Fratrum Praedicatorum (for Convent of Dominican Nuns, Zum Heiligen Kreuz, Regensburg). Known as The Regensburg Lectionary.
  • Written and produced for the convent of Dominican Nuns zum heiligen Kreuz, perhaps at the expense of "Gebehard Comes" von Hirzperch, a local wealthy lord, and his wife Sophia who are represented alongside the main illustration on f. 7. Most of the names applied to the kneeling figures in the decoration of the manuscript occur in documents and registers relating to the convent.
    Provenance: The manuscript was still in the convent in the 1860s. By 1892 it had been purchased by Sir Thomas Brooke, an industrialist and noted Victorian bibliophile, and was bequeathed to the College by his brother, Canon Brooke, in 1911.
    Contents: The book begins (ff. 1r-6v) with a calendar, followed by an extensive cycle of readings to be presented on the appropriate days throughout the church year (ff. 8r-275v). An appendix (ff. 276r-301r) offers a cycle of readings for Saturdays, the day specially devoted to veneration of the Blessed Virgin. At the conclusion (ff. 301r-8r), the main scribe adds readings for feast days he had previously omitted.
    Hand: The Calendar is in the hand of a second scribe, who also copied replacement leaves in collaboration with the main scribe.
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