London. British Library, Arundel MS 91

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London. British Library
British Library, Arundel MS 91
  • Latin
  • Passionale, 21 September-9 November; Lections on St Nicholas extracted from the Vita Sancti Nicholai translated by John the Deacon of Naples
  • Preferred form
    • Athanase (saint, 0295?-0373)
    Original form
    • Athanasius of Alexandria, c 296-373, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria
    Other form
    • ATHANASE (S.)
    • ATHANASIUS Alexandrinus (S.)
    • Athanase d'Alexandrie
    • ATHANASE (s.)
    • Athanase d’Alexandrie
    • Athanasius
    • S. Athanasius
    • ATHANASIUS (s.)
    • Athanasius (saint ; 0295?-0373)
    • Athanasius Alexandrinus
    • Athanase (saint ; 0295?-0373)
    • S. Athanasius Alexandrinus
    • Athanasius Alexandrinus (saint, 0295?-0373)
    • ATHANASIUS (s.), Alexandrinus ep.
    • Anasthase d’Alexandrie
    • Athanase (Saint)
    • Athanase, saint, 0295?-0373
    • Athanasius‏ der Große‏, ‎295-373
    • Athanasius‏ ‎von Alexandria,‏ ‎295-373
    • Athanasius of Alexandria, Saint,‏ ‎d. 373
    • Athanasius the Great, Saint,‏ ‎d. 373
    • Athanase d'Alexandrie‏, ‎saint,‏ ‎0295?-0373
    • Athanase le Grand‏, ‎saint,‏ ‎0295?-0373
    • Atanasi, sant, patriarca d'Alexandria, 296-373
    • Atanasio, Santo
    • Athanasius, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria, d. 373
    • Athanasius Alexandrinus 295-373
    • Athanasius van Alexandrië
    • Author: Athanasius, Alexandrinus
    • S. Athanase d’Alexandrie
    • Athanasius (295-373)
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  • Preferred form
    • Jean Diacre (hagiographe, 08..-09..)
    Original form
    • John the Deacon of Naples, fl 9th century
    Other form
    • Johannes Diaconus Neapolitanus
    • Johannes Neapolitanus
    • Johannes Neapolitanus, diac.
    • Johannes diaconus
    • Jean Diacre 08..-09.. hagiographe
    • Author: Johannes, Diaconus Neapolitanus
    • John the Deacon of Naples
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  • Preferred form
    • Bernard (écolâtre d'Angers, 09..-105. ?)
    Original form
    • Bernard of Angers, fl 1010-1020
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  • The main part of this manuscript consists of a Passionale, a collection of lives of saints for liturgical reading throughout the year. The lections on St Nicolas (ff. 227r-229v) have been added at an early period. The manuscript was originally a companion volume to Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Fell 2. These two manuscripts were part of a set of seven volumes copied at the Benedictine abbey of St Augustine, Canterbury (see Ker, Medieval Libraries of Great Britain (1964), p. 42). Contents:f. 1v: A table of contents. ff. 2r-6v: Passio Sancti Matthei apostoli (Passion of St Matthew the apostle). ff. 6v-9v: Passio Sancti Alexandri episcopi et martiris (Passion of St Alexander). ff. 9v-11v: Passio Sancti Mauricii sociorumque (Passion of St Maurice and his Companions). ff. 11v-13v: Miracula eorundem martyrum (Miracles of St Maurice and his Companions). ff. 13v-16r: Passio Sancti Avitrani (sic) (Passion of St Emmeran of Regensburg). ff. 16v-20v: Passio Sancti Firmini (Passion of St Fermin). ff. 20v-23r: Vita Sancte Iustine virginis (Life of St Justina of Antioch). ff. 23r-26v: Passio Sanctorum Cosme et Damiani (Lives of St Cosmas and St Damian). ff. 26v-28v: De apparitione Sancti Michaelis (On the Apparition of St Michael), beginning: 'Incipit Sermo in dedicatione Basilice Beati Archangeli Michaelis .iii. kalendas octobris. Memoriam Beati Archangeli Michaelis toto orbe venerandam'. ff. 28v-31v: Vita Sancti Ieronimi (Life of St Jerome). ff. 31v-33r: Miracula Sancti Ieronimi (Miracles of St Jerome). ff. 33r-36r: Passio Sancti Piatonis (Passion of St Piatus of Tournai). ff. 36r-40r: Vita Sancti Bavonis Confessoris (Life of St Bavo of Ghent). ff. 40v-47v: Miracula Sancti Bavonis Confessoris (Miracles of St Bavo of Ghent). ff. 47v-54v: Passio Sancti Leodegari (Passion of St Leodegar of Poitiers). ff. 54v-57r: Passio of Sancti Caprasii et Sancte Fidis (Passion of St Caprasius of Agen and St Faith). ff. 57r-78r: Bernard of Angers (fl. 1010-1020), Liber miraculorum Sancte Fidis (Miracles of St Faith) , beginning with the Epistula ad Fulbertum (Epistle to Fulbert of Chartes) (ff. 57r-58r). ff. 78r-81v: Passio Sancte Benedicte (Passion of St Benedicta of Laon). ff. 81v-85r: Passio Sancte Pelagie (Passion of St Pelagia of Jerusalem). ff. 85r-86r: Passio Sancte Reparate (Passion of St Reparata). ff. 86r-99r: Passio Sanctorum Dionisii, Rustici et Eleutherii (Passion of St Denis, Rusticus and Eleutherius). ff. 99r-102r: Passio Sancti Gereonis sociorumque eius (Passion of St Gereon and his Companions). ff. 102r-107r: Passio Sanctorum Sergii et Bacchi (Passion of St Sergius et St Bacchus). ff. 107r-108r: Passio Sancti Demetrii (Passion of St Demetrius of Thessaloniki). ff. 108v-112r: Miracula Sancti Demetrii (Miracles of St Demetrius of Thessaloniki). ff. 112r-116r: Vita Sancti Ricarii (Life of Saint Richarius). ff. 116r-119v: Passio Sancti Nicasii (Passion of St Nicaise of Rheims). ff. 119v-126v: Passio Sanctorum Tharaci, Probi et Andronici (Passion of St Tharacus, St Probus, and St Andronicus). ff. 126v-145r: Vita Sancti Wilfredi preceded by a prologue (ff. 126v-127r). ff. 145r-146r: Vita Sancti Venantii (Life of St Venant of Tours). ff. 146r-148v: Passio Sancti Calixti (Passion of Pope St Calixtus I). ff. 148v-151r: Anonymous, Revelatio ecclesiae Sancti Michaelis archangeli in Monte qui dicitur Tumba (Revelation of the Church of St Michael the Archangel on the Mountain Called Tuba) beginning: 'Postquam gens Francorum'. ff. 151r-152v: Passio Sancti Iusti (Passion of St Justus of Canterbury). ff. 152v-156v: Passio Sanctarum virginum undecim milium (Passion of the eleven thousand virgins). ff. 156v-158v: Passio Sancti Theodoriti (Passion of St Theodoret of Antioch). ff. 158v-161v: Vita Sancti Severini (Life of St Severin of Cologne). ff. 161v-163v: Vita Sanctorum Crispini and Crispiniani (Life of St Crispin and St Crispinian). ff. 163v-165r: Passio Sanctorum Luciani et Martiniani (Passion of St Lucianus and Martinianus). ff. 165r-170v: Passio Sanctorum apostolorum Symonis et Iude (Passion of the apostles St Simon and St Judas Thaddaeus). ff. 170v-171r: Passio Sancti Fidelis (Passio of St Fidelis). ff. 171r-173v: Vita Sancti Salvi (Life of St Salvius). ff. 173v-174r: Passio Sancti Marcelli (Passion of St Marcellus of Tangier). ff. 174r-177r: Passio Sancti Quintini (Passion of St Quentin). ff. 177r-179r: Miracula Sancti Quintini (Miracles of St Quentin). ff. 179r-181v: Passio Sancti Foillani (Passion of St Foillan). ff. 181v-186v: Sermo in festivitate omnium Sanctorum (Sermo for the feast of All Saints). ff. 186v-188r: Passio Sancti Benigni (Passion of St Benignus of Dijon). ff. 188r-190r: Passio Sancti Cesarii (Passion of St Caesarius of Terracina). ff. 190r-195v: Passio Sancti Eustachi sociorumque eius (Passion of St Eustace and his Companions). ff. 195v-198r: Vita Sancti Rumwoldi (Life of Rumwold of Buckingham). ff. 198r-206v: Vita Sancti Huberti (Life of St Hubertus). ff. 206v-210r: Vita Sancti Leonardi (Life of Leonard of Noblac). ff. 210r-213r: Miracle Sancti Leonardi (Miracles of Leonard of Noblac). ff. 213r-216v: Vita Sancti Willibrordi (Life of St Willibrord of Utrecht). ff. 216v-218v: Vita Sancti Winnoci (Life of St Winnocus). ff. 218v-222v: Passio Sanctorum Claudii, Nicostrati, Simphoriani, Castoris et Simplicii (Passion of St Claudius, Nicostratus, Symphorian, Castorus and Simplicius). ff. 222v-225r: Passio Sancti Theodori (Passion of St Theodore of Amasea). ff. 225r-226v: Sermo Athanasii de imagine Dei (Sermon of Athanasius on the Image of God), sermon attributed to St Athanasius of Alexandria (b. c 296, d. 373). ff. 226v-227r: Sermo de eadem ymagine (Sermon on the Same Image),attributed to St Athanasius of Alexandria. ff. 227r-229v: Lections extracted from the Vita Sancti Nicholai (Life of St Nicholas)translated by John the Deacon of Naples (fl. late 9th century). Decoration:Large historiated, anthropomorphic, or decorated initials at the beginning of each life or passion, mostly in green, blue, purple, and sometimes red or yellow, usually with geometric or foliate decoration, and some also with men, hybrid creatures, animals, and/or animal head terminations; a few simpler in only one or two colours and in simpler patterns. Large and small initials in red, blue, purple, or green, some with penwork decoration. Small simple initials in brown. Rubrics in red or green letters. Later marginal drawings of the bust of a bishop, an animal, and heads (ff. 14r, 86r, 199v).
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