London. British Library, Royal MS 15 B XIX

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The British Library, Polonsky Pre-1200 Project
London. British Library
British Library, Royal MS 15 B XIX
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  • Latin
  • Ancient Greek
  • Sedulius, Carmen Paschale and other poems; Two acrostics poems in praise of Sedulius; Bede, De Temporum Ratione ; A collection of Latin verses and short prose texts; Persius, Saturae; Sibylline verses; Life of Persius; Pseudo-Cornutus, Commentary on Persius; Lupus of Ferrières, Quid sit Ceroma ?; Symposius, Enigmata ; Boniface IV, Enigmata de Virtutibus et Vitiis. Musical settings among the collection of extracts from Persius, Bede, etc.
  • A composite manuscript of three separate sections not bound together before the 17th century:Contents:ff. 1r-35v: Poems of Sedulius and in praise of Sedulius.ff. 36r-199v: A miscellany of 60 short tracts, in a wide variety of disciplines. Musical settings of the following passages, expressed by neumes: 'Ad boreæ partes', from 'Versus De Cœlestibus Signis Prisciani,' lines 1-3, and 5 (f. 125v); 'Decessit autem vitio stomachi', from 'Vita Persii Flacci.'( f. 128r). A glossary of Greek words occurring in the prefaces and commentaries of St Jerome for the books of the Old Testament (f. 85v) and the names and shapes of the Greek letters, with the numbers each signifies (f. 126r).ff. 200r-205v: The poems of Symposius and St Boniface.Decoration:See separate parts.
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