London. British Library, Egerton MS 2832

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London. British Library
  • British Library, Egerton MS 2832
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  • Latin
  • Collection of Canon Laws, Lex Salica; Lex Ripuaria; Capitulare Legibus Additum; Capitulare Missorum; Recapitulatio Solidorum; Capitulare Missorum Specialia; Capitulare Haristallense; Capitula Legi Addita; Capitula Legibus Addenda
  • Contents:This manuscript consists of a collection of canon laws of the Merovingian and Carolingian period. It was produced in Northern France at the very end of the 9th century.This volume was originally bound together with Paris, BnF lat. MS 4633 and Egerton MS 269. It has been divided in three different parts later, probably in the 16th century when in the possession of Pierre and François Pithou (see Provenance). Lacking folios have been supplemented in the 17th century (ff. 6-7; 10-11).Contents: ff. 3r-4r: Fragment from the prologue of the Lex salica, (only the end, f. 3r), followed by capitula of the Lex salica emendata. ff. 4v-27r: Lex Salica Emendata in seventy chapters, beginning: 'Si quis ad mallum legibus dominicis manitus fuerit'. ff. 27r-44v: Lex Ripuaria, preceded by capitula (ff. 27r-29r). ff. 45r-46v: Continuation of the Capitulare Legibus Additum (2-11). The beginning of the capitulation 2 is lacking but has been supplemented by a 16th-century hand. ff. 46v-47v: Capitulare Missorum (Capitulary on legates) (1-28), beginning: 'Capitula de causis amonendis, de ecclesiis emendandis. Ubi in unum locum plures'. ff. 47v-48v: Recapitulatio Solidorum, elaborated around 802-806 at the court of Charles the Great, it stated sums to pay for penance. f. 48v: Capitulare Missorum Specialia (Special capitularies on legates). ff. 48v-50v: Capitulare Haristallense, in the common version, beginning: 'XI anno feliciter regi domno nostro Karoli gloriosissimo regis in mense martio facta capitulare'. ff. 50v-52r: Capitula Legi Addita, beginning: 'Incipit capitula Hluduvici imperatoris. Si quis cum altero de qualibet'. ff. 52r-53v: Capitula Legibus Addenda, (1-16), beginning: 'De honore ecclesiarum. Si quis autem ex levi causa'. Decoration:Large and small initials in brown, a few with simple red penwork decoration. Rubrics and numbers in red.
  • Preferred form
    • France, Northern
    Original form
    • Northern France
    Other form
    • France (Nord).
    • France (Nord)
    • Nord de la France
    • Nord de la France (Picardie)
    • France (Nord : Fécamp ?)
    • Nord de la France (Laon?)
    • Nord de la France (Saint-Amand-en-Pévèle?)
    • France (Nord, région de Soissons)
    • Nord de la France, Paris (?)
    • Nordfrankreich
    • França (nord)
    • Francia (norte)
    • Frankrijk (noorden)
    • Laon
    • France (nord : Laon ?)
    • França (nord: Laon?)
    • Nordfrankreich (Laon?)
    • Northern France (Laon?)
    • Francia (norte: Laon?)
    • Northern France (Paris?)
    • France, North, Chelles (nunnery) or Jouarre (nunnery) (?)
    • France, North
    • Northern France
    • Northern France
    • Northern France, Paris (?)
    • [Nordfrankreich]
    • Oberitalien und Nordfrankreich
    • Noord-Frankrijk
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