London. British Library, Harley MS 2790

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The British Library, Polonsky Pre-1200 Project
London. British Library
British Library, Harley MS 2790
  • Latin
  • The Four Gospels ('The Gospels of St Cyriacus of Nevers', or 'The Gedeon Gospels of Nevers')
  • Contents: ff. 2r-4v: St Jerome, Epistula ad Damasum (Letter to Pope Damasus I). ff. 5r-5v: Pseudo-Jerome, Epistle to Pope Damasus I , beginning: 'Sciendum tamen nequis ignarum'. ff. 5v-8v: Prologus ex commentario Hieronymi in Mattheum (St Jerome's prologue from his commentary to the Gospel of St Matthew), prologue to the Four Gospels. ff. 8v-9v: Praefatio Matthei (Preface to the Gospel of St Matthew). ff. 10r-11r: Eusebius of Caesarea, Epistola ad Carpianum (Eusebius's epistle to Carpian). ff. 11v-16r: A list of Hebrew names prefacing the Gospel of St Matthew. ff. 16v-19r: Capitula of the Gospel of St Mathew. ff. 20r-27v: Canon tables. ff. 28r-87r: Evangelium secundum Mattheum (the Gospel of St Matthew). ff. 87r-129r: Evangelium secundum Marcum (the Gospel of St Mark), preceded by a list of Hebrew names (ff. 87r-v); the preface (ff. 88r-89r) and capitula (ff. 89r-90v). ff. 129v-206r: Evangelium secundum Lucam (the Gospel of St Luke), preceded by a list of Hebrew names (ff. 129v-132v); the preface (ff. 133r-134r) and capitula (ff. 134r-136v). ff. 207r-262r: Evangelium secundum Iohannem (the Gospel of St John), preceded by the preface (ff. 207r-v); a list of Hebrew names (ff. 208r-v) and capitula (ff. 209r-210r). ff. 264r-271v: Capitulare evangeliorum de circulo anni, chapters of each Gospel arranged according to the liturgical year. Decoration:Canon tables with decorated architectural frames in brown ink with colour washes, with interlace and foliate patterns, some with animals or animal heads (ff. 20r-27v). Initials in red or brown, some now oxidised, some with penwork decoration.
Public domain in most countries other than the UK
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