London. British Library, Cotton MS Claudius E V

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The British Library, Polonsky Pre-1200 Project
London. British Library
British Library, Cotton MS Claudius E V
  • Latin
  • Notitia Provinciarum ; Pseudo-Isidore, Decretales ; excerpts from Bede, Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum ; Pseudo-Gregory the Great, Decreta ; Cartulary of Christ Church, Canterbury; Ralph d'Escures, Letter
  • Preferred form
    • Bède le Vénérable (saint, 0673?-0735)
    Original form
    • Bede the Venerable, c 673-735, Saint
    Other form
    • Bède le Vénérable (saint ; 0673?-0735)
    • Beda Venerabilis
    • BEDA
    • Beda
    • Beda Venerabilis (saint ; 0673?-0735)
    • Bède
    • S. Beda venerabilis
    • Venerabilis Bedae
    • Beda Venerabilis (ps.)
    • S. Beda Venerabilis
    • Venerabilis BEDE
    • Bede
    • Bedae
    • Bedae venerabilis
    • Bède le Vénérable saint 0673?-0735
    • Beda, el Venerable, sant, 673-735
    • Beda el Venerable, Santo
    • Beda Venerabilis 672-735
    • Bede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735
    • Author: Beda, Venerabilis
    • Commentator: Beda, Venerabilis
    • Bede (attributed to)
    • Bede the Venerable
    • Bede the Venerable (attrib.)
    • Bede (673/4–735)
    • The Venerable Bede
    • Beda Venerabilis, 673-735
    • Beda
    • Bède le Vénérable
    • Beda (672-735)
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  • Preferred form
    • Pseudo-Isidorus Hispalensis
    Original form
    • Pseudo-Isidore, Unspecified
    Other form
    • Pseudo s. Isidorus
    • Isidorus (pseudo)
    • ISIDORUS (Pseudo-)
    • Isidorus Hispalensis, auteur prétendu
    • Isidorus Hispalensis (Pseudo-)
    • Ps.-Isidore
    • Pseudo-Isidore
    • Pseudo-Isidorus Hispalensis
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  • Contents: ff. 1v-2v: Notitia Regionum et Provinciarum ( Names of Regions and Provinces), beginning: 'Incipiunt Nomina .XI. regionum continentium infra se provincias CXIII'. ff. 2v-231v: Pseudo-Isidore (Isidore Mercator), Decretales (Decretals) , preceded by a preface (ff. 2v-4r), beginning: 'In nomine Domini nostri Ihesu Christi. Incipit prefatio sancti Isidori episcopi libri huius. Isidorus Mercator servus Christi lectori conservo suo et parens in domino fidei salutem'. ff. 231v-234v: Excerpts from Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica (Ecclesiastical History), Book 1 chapter 27. ff. 234-235r: Excerpt from Pseudo-Isidore, Decretales, named Decreta Gregorii (Decrets of Gregory the Great). ff. 235r-v: Excerpts from Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica (Ecclesiastical History), Book 1 chapter 30. ff. 235v-255v: A cartulary of Christ Church, Canterbury containing decrees, papal privileges and letters related to the cathedral priory, some of them are forgeries (see Southern, 'The Canterbury forgeries' (1958)), beginning: 'Decretum Bonifacii. De perpetua inhabitatione monachorum in metropolis sede Dorobernie'. It also includes a letter of Ralph d’Escures, archbishop of Canterbury (1114–22), regarding the dispute with York, beginning: 'Epistula Radulfi archiepiscopi Cantuariensis calixto [erased] missa querentis de iniuria sibi' (ff. 249v-254v).f. 256r: A table of the kings of Israel and Judah.Decoration:Large decorated initials in red, green and blue with zoomorphic and anthropomorphic motifs, throughout (e. g., ff. 4v, 14r, 16v, 41v, 52r). Initials in red, purple or green or multicolours with penwork and foliage decoration.Rubrics in red. Quire signatures.
Public domain in most countries other than the UK
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