London. British Library, Arundel MS 60

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The British Library, Polonsky Pre-1200 Project
London. British Library
British Library, Arundel MS 60
  • Latin
  • Old English
  • Psalter with gloss in Old English; A Lunarium for bloodletting; The Six Ages of the World; A list of the bishops of Winchester
  • Contents: f. 1r: A lunarium (lunar calendar) for bloodletting. ff. 1v-12r: A liturgical calendar including computational material ('Winchester computus') for the moveable feasts (f. 8r). The Dogs days ( dies caniculares ) and Egyptian days are mentioned (ff. 2r-7v). ff. 13r-119r: A Gallican version of the Psalms including glosses in Old English (ff. 13r-46r, 52v-119r). A paraphrase of Psalm 50 (ff. 46v-52r). ff. 119r-132v: Canticles and Litanies. ff. 133r-142v: Petitions and prayers added by a 12th-century hand (probably a Norman scribe, see Gullick, ‘Manuscrits et copistes normands en Angleterre (XIe-XIIe siècles)' (1999), pp. 83-93).ff. 143r-148v: Prayers (imperfect). ff. 149r-149v: The Six Ages of the World in Old English (f. 149r) followed by a list of the bishops of Winchester from Birinus to Walkelin 1070-1090 (f. 149v).Decoration:2 full-page miniatures of the Crucifixion (ff. 12v, 52v), the first in coloured outlines, the second fully painted and with a historiated full border of the symbols of the Evangelists. 12 outline drawings of signs of the Zodiac in red ink in the calendar (ff. 2r-7v). 1 historiated initial (f. 13r), and 2 decorated foliate initials (ff. 53r, 85r), all in colours and accompanied by coloured display capitals and full foliate borders. Large initials at the beginning of each Psalm alternately in red or blue, some with penwork decoration. Plain initials at the beginning of each verse alternately plain red or blue. Diagrams in red and blue. Large or small simple initials in red or green, and one in blue.
Public domain in most countries other than the UK
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