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  • MS. Hunter 100
Biblissima authority file
  • early 12th century
  • Latin
    • Computus and Quadrivium
    • Names of the months and days
    • The plagues of Egypt
    • Computus table
    • Calendar
    • Table: weekday of the first of the month
    • Table: age of the moon in any month
    • Table: concurrent of any year in Great Paschal Cycle
    • Table: date of Easter for any year in Great Paschal Cycle
    • Table: age of the moon on any day
    • Verses: terminus a quo for moveable feasts
    • Claves terminorum method for finding the lunar terminus a quo for moveable feasts
    • Table: finding the age of the Moon on any day
    • Abbo of Fleury's computus table and calendar
    • Model Paschal tables (1100-1193)
    • Diagram of hours of daylight across months of the year, with zodiac signs
    • Diagram of the harmony of the four elements, qualities, and seasons
    • Robert of Hereford's critique of annus Domini chronology
    • Dionysius Exiguus's computus formulae
    • Dionysius Exiguus' critique of Victorius of Aquitaine's Paschal table
    • Dionysius Exiguus's preface to his own Paschal Tables
    • Paschal tables with annals
    • Measurement of musical intervals with the monochord, from Guido d'Arezzo's Micrologus
    • Helperic's textbook of computus
    • Paraphrases on units of time from Bede's De temporum ratione and De natura rerum
    • Star catalogues
    • Pseudo-Hyginus, De astronomia
    • Pseudo-Bede, De signis celi
    • Abbo of Fleury on solar, lunar and planetary motion
    • Anonymous tract on computus
    • Isidore of Seville: astronomy, from Etymologiae
    • Isidore of Seville: units of time, from Etymologiae
    • Isidore of Seville: weights and measures, from Etymologiae
    • Latin-Old English glossary of medical plants
    • Medicine
    • Physiology (De quatuor humoribus corporis)
    • Isidore of Seville: medicine from Etymologiae
    • Isidore of Seville: parts of the body from Etymologiae
    • Isidore of Seville: medicinal plants from Etymologiae
    • Ambrose: Beneficial and noxious herbs from Hexaemeron
    • Virtues of mustard seed from Rabanus De universo
    • Medical recipes
    • Alphabetical treatise on the virtues of medical plants
    • Basic humoral physiology and pathology
    • Note on white hellebore
    • Medical recipes
    • Diagrams illustrating medical cautery operations
    • see more
  • Two separate leaves from an Italian gradual
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